How Much Garlic Bread For Large Groups (5-100+ People)

Garlic bread is the ultimate side and table pleaser for any sized groups. If you’re like me and absolutely love it — you know you’re going to have way more than just one slice!

So, if you are serving garlic bread at your next gathering or event, make sure you don’t skimp on the dough! We’ve got you covered, and weighed out how much garlic bread you’ll need per person, from any size groups from 5 to 100 or more.

Here is a full guide to make sure none of your guests go hungry or miss out on garlic bread.


The question every host dreads to hear is “is there any garlic bread left?”. Unless of course, they’ve prepared and planned their menu to include enough garlic bread for everyone.

If you’re preparing to serve garlic bread for any sized group, you’ll want to allow for at least two slices of garlic bread per person, or roughly a tenth of a pound.

A loaf of garlic bread usually yields up to 10 healthy slices. However, not all breads are made equal — so if you feel you’re dealing with a significantly larger or smaller loaf of garlic bread you may wish to reconsider the number of slices.

No matter the size of your garlic bread you can always measure out a tenth of a pound, or a 50 gram serving size and use that as a guide to see how much garlic bread to prepare for everyone. 

As a catering rule of thumb, and from my experience preparing barbecue and other foods for events it’s always best to prepare for more than less. Therefore, although you’ll be allowing 2 slices for everyone, you always want to be sure you have at least one more slice for every two people.

To make it simple and easy, we’ve outlined how much garlic bread you’ll need to satisfy everyone.

How Much Garlic Bread For 5 People

When you’re preparing garlic bread for a small gathering you do not want people fighting over the last piece!

To serve enough garlic bread for 5 people you will need at least 10 slices of garlic bread, or about half a pound of garlic bread.

This is enough for 2 slices per person, but you may also want to prepare an extra 2-3 slices to allow for second servings, leftovers, or extra hungry guests!

Two garlic bread loaves will cover you for 5 people. 

How Much Garlic Bread For 10 People

If you’re cooking for 10 people you don’t want to come out short on garlic bread. To serve 10 people you will need at least 20 slices of garlic bread, or a pound of garlic bread.

This will provide 2 slices each, but I would recommend preparing an extra 5 pieces to allow for any variance.

Three garlic bread loaves will cover you for 10 people.

How Much Garlic Bread For 25 People

To serve enough garlic bread for all 25 of your guests prepare:

At least 50 slices of garlic bread, or about 2.5 pounds of garlic bread – enough for roughly two slices each of garlic bread per person.

Always prepare a little extra to cover yourself, an additional 12 slices will be enough to make sure everyone has had their fill.

Seven garlic bread loaves will cover you for 25 people.

How Much Garlic Bread For 50 People

Preparing food for 50 people is no easy task. But preparing enough garlic bread for 50 people to serve as a side isn’t the hard part!

You’ll just need to cook enough garlic bread to serve 100 slices, or 5 pounds of garlic bread.

This will allow every person to have 2 slices each, but I suggest making at least 25 extra slices, knowing that some people will have extra and want to come back for seconds. 

Thirteen garlic bread loaves will be enough for 50 people.

How Much Garlic Bread For 100 People

Preparing food for 100 people is stressful enough — you don’t want people to start asking questions about the garlic bread. To cover yourself always prepare:

To serve enough garlic bread for 100 people you will need about 200 slices of garlic bread, or about 10 pounds of cooked garlic bread.

Although your guests will be satisfied with 2 pieces each, I would recommend preparing another 20-50 slices to account for second servings or extra hungry guests!

Twenty-six garlic bread loaves will normally feed 100 people.

How To Keep Garlic Bread Warm For Crowds

There’s a reason that commercially made garlic bread comes wrapped in foil — it’s because of how well it insulates the garlic bread. Without making it soggy!

There are a few different methods for keeping your garlic bread warm for crowds depending on how long you need to keep them warm for.

Keeping Garlic Bread Warm For 1-2 Hours: Towel Method

If you’ve prepared the garlic bread in advance of your gathering and you want to keep it warm and ready to serve then get yourself some aluminium foil and a large towel.

  1. Once cooked, take the garlic bread from the oven and let it cool slightly.
  2. After 3-4 minutes wrap the freshly cooked garlic bread firmly in aluminium foil.
  3. Place the garlic bread package on the edge of a large towel and roll it up, folding the sides in.
  4. When you’re ready to serve, simply unravel the towel and remove the aluminium foil.

Keeping Garlic Bread Warm For 2+ Hours

If your event is well in advance and you need the bread to stay warm for longer, then your best option may be using the towel method, followed by placing the bread in a food warmer or crockpot on warm.
  1. For the first 1-2 hours of warming follow the towel method.
  2. Remove the towel and place the aluminium packages of garlic bread evenly in a crockpot, or a food warmer.
  3. Place your food warmer or crockpot on the ‘warm function’ until you’re ready to serve.

Note: Make sure you use the ‘warm’ function and not the ‘low’ setting. Keeping your crockpot on low will cook and continue to dehydrate the bread, but the warm setting will just hold a ‘warm’ temperature.

This method will allow you to have the bread at the optimal temperature for serving. Still warm and moist.

How To Reheat Garlic Bread

Since it’s so good the first time it’s very rare to have leftover garlic bread. But, if a miracle occurs and there is leftover garlic bread then you want it to be restored to its former glory. That means back in the foil and back in the oven.

  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F.
  2. Wrap your garlic bread fairly tightly in aluminium foil.
  3. Place in the center of your oven and leave it in for 8-10 minutes depending on the thickness of your loaf.
  4. Carefully remove from the oven and prepare to eat!

If you don’t have a full loaf of garlic bread left? That’s fine. Simply wrap what you do have in foil and reheat it in the oven as above, but change the time depending on the amount you are reheating.

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