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Hi there, my name is Blake Dan the founder of GrillSimply. Growing up with my Mom, my brother, and my sister, I was the dedicated pit master of our family. Although certainly not an expert at the time, my passion for grilling and perfecting the art of barbecue started to grow and has evolved through my life from a hobby, into a journey.

Fifteen years since the start of this journey i have consistently improved my understanding of the end-to-end grilling and smoking process. By developing my knowledge and technique from the preparation of meats, perfecting a sear, to my practice of patience when smoking it low and slow, I now have an instinct for barbecue.

Our Mission

At GrillSimply I will share my hands on experiences with you, and through a variety of tips, guides, reviews, and resources we will help you grill and smoke meat like a pro from the comfort of your home.

GrillSimply is an all-in-one, sharing advice to help beginners all the way to mastery, from meat preparation and selection, to the glory of low and slow smoking, we are here to simplify the process. By only giving you the most relevant, up-to date and real guides and reviews GrillSimply will save you the time researching every different aspect of smoking and grilling, delivering to you reliable, essential, and brand unbiased information. 

We’re glad to have you grilling with us, i look forward to having you experience our guides and reviews. If you want to get in touch and share your passion or recipes feel free to reach out to me by clicking here.

Blake Dan

Founder and Editior at GrillSimply