Best Cutting Board For Brisket (& Other Large Meats)

What’s the use in putting your blood, sweat, and tears into smoking a glorious brisket if you’re not equipped with the right tools to finish the job?

Having a big enough cutting board to carve your large barbecue meats on, one that captures any running juices and looks totally badass, is certain to lift your barbecue game.

If you’re looking for your first and last cutting board to handle all of your meat preparation and serving needs – you’re in the right place.

Here’s what makes carving boards the absolute best cutting boards for briskets and other large meats, and the top 5 picks from the market, including the one we couldn’t live without!

Best Overall

Virginia Boys Kitchens Board

Runner Up

Greener Chef 4XL Cutting Board

Most Affordable

Ziruma XL Cutting Board

What To Look For In A Brisket Cutting Board

Maybe you’ve been dealing with an inadequate cutting board for far too long. Maybe you’re simply looking for a badass cutting board for your barbecue.

No matter the reason, there’s no denying that the best cutting board for brisket is one that is large enough to hold a full brisket, take the force of your knife without damaging it,  and one that has juice grooves to stop any unwanted drippage leaving the board.

Here’s what to look for in a brisket cutting board and what we were directly comparing.

Size Matters

Dealing with a large piece of meat on a small cutting board can be extremely frustrating; size does matter after all!

There’s no denying brisket is probably one of the biggest hunks of meat out there. Whether you’re trimming, wrapping, or carving it up, it’s essential to work it on a big enough surface.

We’ve outlined the minimum size you want your cutting board to be depending on what size brisket (or other meat) you usually work with:

  • Small Brisket (0-5 pounds): 16 x 12 Inches
  • Medium (5-10 pounds): 20 x 16 Inches
  • Full Packer Brisket (10-20 pounds):  24 x 18 Inches

Of course, it never hurts to have a cutting board too big, but on the contrary, it’s a complete pain to have a cutting board too small!

Type Of Woods

You’ll come across two major types of wooden cutting boards: end grain and edge grain.

Wood connoisseurs will tell you that end grain wood cutting boards trump edge grain cutting boards because:

  1. End grain cutting boards are known to be self-healing and durable, but also absorb some of the force of the knife. 
  2. Edge grain cutting boards are much more budget-friendly, but cutting marks will appear much more frequently.

Of course, both are suitable surfaces for dealing with large meats like brisket, and I’ve had great experiences with both types of boards.

If you anticipate using your cutting board often, then it’s better to go with an end-grain cutting board. If you don’t plan to use your brisket cutting board so frequently then an edge grain will suffice.

Juice Grooves

You only notice juice grooves working when you don’t have them! 

Truly though, if you’ve ever sliced open a large brisket and have had the juices flowing all over the counter you’ll feel my pain here.

Instead, a proper cutting board for brisket should come with a juice groove (at least on one side of the board).

The juice groove simply prevents juices or other liquids from leaking from the cutting board onto the counter. After you’re finished you can also tip the board up, transferring the juices to make a nice sauce, gravy, or broth too!

The Verdict: Use A Carving Board

It seems to be obvious. But, it’s totally true.

A carving board has the size, durability, and juice grooves included – everything you’ll need for preparing, wrapping, slicing, AND even serving your brisket.

Not only is a carving board fully equipped with what you’ll need for brisket or other large meats, but most of the time they look absolutely badass – making it an awesome way to serve sliced brisket to your guests.

Best Cutting Board For Brisket

Don’t be fooled by the sheer size and color of a chopping board.

If you take some extra time you can find a chopping board for all your large meat handling needs that will be the LAST cutting board you’ll need.

Luckily we’ve done just that for you, and got our hands on some to directly compare too! 

Here are the top five carving boards you can find in the market for handling large meats with, like our beloved brisket.

1. Virginia Boys Kitchens Cutting Board

Material: Walnut wood
Type: Edge grain
Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 1 inches
Weight: 10 pounds

Proudly American made, the Virginia Boys Kitchens (VBK) was by far the most impressive, attractive cutting board we got to play with.

This carving board is made of edge-grain walnut wood, which is one of the best and most durable materials for cutting boards. 

Because of the nature of this wood, there’s less chance of cut marks and thus less risk of bacterial contamination. It’s also extremely gentle on blades, so it’ll help keep your knives sharp. 

This VBK board is reversible, making it a multifunctional kitchen accessory. You can use one side to cut the brisket and the other as a platter for snacks. 

In our opinion, the Virginia Boys Kitchens cutting board is the very best board in the market for cutting brisket and handling large meats, all without breaking the bank.

2. Greener Chef 4XL Cutting Board

Material: Bamboo
Type: Edge grain
Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 0.75 inches
Weight: 15.37 pounds

If you want to buy a massive cutting board without breaking the bank, the Greener Chef XL Cutting Board is the perfect fit. 

Although it’s made of bamboo which is inherently less expensive, this board is huge and it’s still so affordable.

It’s extremely durable and sturdy, and with proper care, it’s sure to last through the ages.

Just keep in mind that bamboo fibers are 2-3 times harder than hardwoods. This level of stiffness makes bamboo cutting boards more likely to dull your knives after repeated use.

3. Ziruma Extra Large Cutting Board

Material: Teak
Type: Edge grain
Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 1.5 inches
Weight: 16.28 pounds

If you’re really on a budget but you’re wanting an extra large butcher’s block for dealing with your large meats, then the Ziruma extra-large cutting board will be there for you.

It’s robust, thick, highly durable, and made of tough teak wood, that’ll still be gentle on your knives.

It works brilliantly as a carving board for any sized brisket, and stands out as a centerpiece so you can serve your meat from it directly too!

The Ziruma XL Cutting board also comes pre-seasoned with beeswax, so you know the makers are serious about their quality.

All in all, it’s probably the best pick at this price point.

4. Sonder Los Angeles Thick Cutting Board

Material: Walnut
Type: End grain
Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 1.5 inches
Weight: 7.5 pounds

Another top quality, proudly U.S.A-made carving board. The Sonder Los Angeles cutting board has an incredibly sleek look, paired with a tough end grain, walnut wood finish.

Seriously awesome.

We’ve previously tested the Sonder Los Angeles cutting board and found it to be one of the best cutting boards for protecting our prized Japanese knives. 

We thought the compartment that it came with was rather unnecessary most of the time, but it’s still a prime-quality cutting board.

The only downside is that it’s not going to fit a full-packer brisket on it, but it’ll fit any other size you’ve got!

5. John Boos Block Cutting Board

Material: Maple
Type: Edge grain
Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 1.5 inches
Weight: 17 pounds

A stunning simplest carving board.

Really this will fit any size brisket or other large meat you’re dealing with easily. It’s made from tough durable maple wood, that comes preseasoned in a protective seal of beeswax and natural cream.

If you’re thinking it’s a little big, John Boos also offers other size cutting blocks too, so you can find one to fit your cooking style.

Highly recommended.

What Type Of Cutting Board Is Best For Dealing With Meat

In our humble opinion, the best type of cutting boards to use for cutting brisket or any other kind of meat are wooden ones.

Sure, there’s a place for plastic cutting boards. Their popular for being lightweight, affordable, and dishwasher safe. But, let’s not forget they have some obvious drawbacks too. They can unfortunately harvest bacteria, and their surfaces are much less forgiving on our knife blades.

Glass or marble cutting boards are a strict no-go. The only redeeming quality is their sleek appearance, but in reality they quickly dull your knives.

Bamboo cutting boards are a great environmentally friendly option. However, they more easily dull your knives and they tend to splinter over time. 

Cutting boards made of hardwoods, such as maple and walnut, have been shown to reduce the risk of food contamination. Since hardwood is fine-grained, it absorbs the fluid and traps the bacteria, which are then killed after the board is cleaned.

Trust us, you won’t regret upgrading to a top quality, end grain wood cutting board for all your meat preparation and serving needs.

Be Sure To Season Your Cutting Board

This is definitely something I didn’t do often enough until i got myself a top-of-the-line cutting board.

But, seasoning your cutting board is incredibly important, especially before first use!

Simply get ahold of some mineral oil or beeswax, generously apply it to your cutting board, and rub it in to all sides, crevices, and surface with a clean paper towel or dish cloth.

Let is soak into your cutting board for at least 2 – 24 hours ideally.

You’ll be left with a much more protective board, that resists other moisture and debris, and a wonderfully sleek finish to your board.

That’s A Wrap

There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ve got our hands on some of the highest quality but well priced cutting boards in the mark.

From one fellow BBQer to another, the Virginia Boys Kitchens Cutting Board is hands down the best carving board for brisket you’ll find in the market at that price point.

If you’re looking for something more budget friendly, or you don’t often work with larger meats, then you can pick up a Ziruma XL Cutting Board for a quality pick at handsomer price.

No matter what board you end up with – my advise to you is to certainly season it with mineral oil before it’s first use. You’ll be amazed with how much this really improves the durability of the board.

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