Are Boneless Wings Chicken Nuggets?

Sometimes life just calls for answers.

I’m not fussy when it comes to eating a nice, delicious piece of chicken. But, has it ever crossed your mind as to what boneless chicken wings actually are?

Of course, they don’t resemble chicken wings in the slightest, so why are they called boneless wings? Many would simply call them chicken nuggets, right?

Well, although there are several similarities between these amazingly delectable delights, they are not one and the same.

So, just so you know exactly what’s on your plate, here’s whether boneless wings are actually just chicken nuggets and what the key differences are which make each so special.

Alright, I’m about to get controversial here.

Many people will try to make a firm argument that boneless wings are just chicken nuggets, and we should all get on with our lives.

Me? No Sir. 

It’s my duty to everyone in America to get to the bottom of what must be gotten down to. 

Boneless wings are not the same as chicken nuggets.

A chicken nugget is traditionally ground chicken, either 100% ground chicken breast, or some mix of different chicken meat. The chicken nuggets are then processed and formed into the popular shapes we know.

On the other hand, the chicken in a boneless wing is not ground chicken. Instead, it’s just diced or cubed chicken, normally chicken breast, evenly coated with batter or breadcrumbs.

Yes, yes, I know. Some people still call it a chicken nugget whether it’s ground chicken or whole pieces. But, the differentiator? 

Boneless wings will always be diced or cubed unground chicken, fried or baked to perfection for our delight. 

What Are Boneless Wings?

There’s a very different meaning between a bone-in chicken wing, and a boneless chicken wing, and it’s not exactly what the name suggests.

Boneless chicken wings are not simply a chicken wing thats had it’s bones removed. The truth is, boneless wings aren’t even made with wings at all! 

Boneless wings are actually small roughly chopped pieces of chicken, normally chicken breast. These bad boys are usually battered or coated before being baked or fried into a perfectly tender, but crispy bite of chicken.

Think of boneless wings like a fancier chicken nugget. Instead of being made from ground chicken, it’s made from diced up chicken breast (or thigh). If you’re planning on cooking for a crowd, you’ll need roughly 8 – 10 boneless wings per person!

What Are Chicken Nuggets?

So, we come to the chicken nugget. The infamous “nuggy”.

Sure, it gets a bad wrap sometimes because some nuggets are made from all parts of the chicken, including sinew and less desirable cuts of meat.

But, the humble chicken nugget doesn’t always need to be made with all parts of the chicken. You can get 100% ground chicken breast nuggets too! 

So what makes a chicken nugget a chicken nugget? Well, a chicken nugget is ground chicken, processed and formed into appealing bite-sized shapes, and coated with a batter or crumb for optimal crispiness. 

Boneless Wings Vs. Chicken Nuggets

So, these two chicken delights are not the same thing. But could they still be equally as delicious? Well, that’s up to you and what you prefer.

You see, boneless wings are typically less processed and are meatier.  But, you won’t often get that same crunch, or consistently in the cook. Nonetheless, you could argue they are healthier than chicken nuggets.

On the other hand, chicken nuggets are processed, can contain a variety of cuts of chicken, but taste oh-so-amazing. You can’t deny it. Plus, it’s easier to get a consistent cook and crisp finish.

One other common trend is that boneless wings are often served smothered in sauce, whereas with chicken nuggets you’ll usually just dip it in sauce. This isn’t all the time though!

So, when it comes to boneless wings vs. chicken nuggets, well, it totally depends on what you’re feeling like and who is going to be eating them. For example, it’s pretty common that children will prefer nuggets to a fancy gourmet boneless wing!

Boneless Wings Vs. Bone-In Wings

Just to round things off, I couldn’t leave bone-in wings out of the equation.

Of course, boneless wings and bone-in wings are very different foods. Just to be clear, bone-in wings are your standard “chicken wing”. Boneless wings are simply diced and breaded chicken breast or thigh. Completely different.

Bone-in chicken wings are regarded as much more versatile, and are normally much more succulent and flavorsome, as they contain bones for a richer flavor. The bones help them cook consistently and they’re harder to overcook and become dry.

You can grill, bake, fry, or even smoke chicken wings, from thawed or even frozen! 

Boneless chicken wings are more like a fancy nugget. Have them as a snack with a dipping sauce or go all out and serve them with starch and vegetables for a full-blown meal.

Final Verdict

Look, I get it. We’re arguing over the semantics of boneless chicken here.

But, knowing what a boneless wing is and what a chicken nugget is, plus the difference between them, can be vital when you’re ordering appetizers at a restaurant or takeaway!

Remember, boneless wings aren’t chicken nuggets! 

Chicken nuggets are more often than not, ground chicken, formed in the classic nugget shapes. Boneless wings are sliced or diced chicken breast or thigh, coated in a crumb, and fried or baked for a crisp finish.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty peckish for some chicken. I don’t discriminate. I think I’ll take a serving of both boneless wings and nuggets thank you!

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