Traeger Making A Weird Noise? Here’s What It Means!

By design, pellet grills like Traeger’s are known to make all kinds of noises. I’m sure you’ve become accustomed to the sound of the induction fan whirring away!

But, once you know your Traeger, you know when something just doesn’t sound right!

Maybe you’ve been putting up with it for a while, or maybe you’ve only just discovered a weird sound coming from a part of your beloved beast.

Here we go through some of the most common strange noises Traegers can make, what they mean, and how you can fix them!

If it’s your first time firing up a Traeger, it’s understandable to be a bit apprehensive about what sounds should and should not be coming from your grill.

While some of the noises may sound unusual, most of the time you’ll find they are completely normal.

For instance, it’s completely normal to hear some reasonably loud whirring sounds coming from the induction fan.

It’s also quite common to hear some occasional popping or clunking noises as the auger forces pellets into the firepot.

There’s also a distinct humming noise you can hear when you first turn on your Traeger grill, as the motors start up.

But, once you become accustomed to these sounds, it’s very easy to hear when something just isn’t right.

Weird Noises Traeger's Can Make (& What They Mean!)

If you’ve noticed any kind of strange or weird noises coming from your Traeger then it’s certainly worth investigating further. 

This is especially true if these weird noises also cause your Traeger to get too hot, not heat up to high temperatures, or not ignite at all! 

Whether your Traeger is making a whining noise, a loud squealing noise, a clicking noise, or even a grinding noise, here’s all the most common reasons, what they mean, and how to fix them!

1. Traeger Making Clicking Noises?

Is your Traeger making a weird clicking noise?

It could be that the induction fan is actually hitting the internal grill wires!

At any stage of your Traeger’s life, it’s possible the internal grill wires become unfixed and start to dangle a little too close to the induction fan.

When the fan motor starts up and the fan beginnings spinning, it’s possible it hits hanging grill wires or other debris in the way.

This can result in a lower-pitched whirring or even a clicking noise!

How To Fix It?

To check if this issue is the source of your weird noises, take a look under the grill. You should be able to see your fan and anything that is potentially in the way.

Turn off and unplug your Traeger and ensure it’s adequately cooled down before physically troubleshooting.

You can take off the bottom part of the grill or the side panel of your hopper and inspect the induction fan more closely. 

Clear and remove any debris and use a zip tie to securely affix any internal wires away from the induction fan!

Replace all the parts properly, turn on your Traeger, and listen to see if the noise has been fixed!

2. Traeger Making Squealing Noises?

Alongside your induction fan hitting loose wires or debris, is possible the actual fan’s motor is at fault.

Normally this occurs in older aged Traeger grills, or if they’ve come with a manufacturing fault. Motor issues in your Traeger usually result in either a high-pitched squealing noise or a lower-pitched hum.

Both of these distinct noises can signal a problem with your fan’s motor.

How To Fix It?

If you’re sure the sound is emanating from the fan motor, and you’ve already checked to see if any wires or debris are in the way of the fan, then you’ve really got two options remaining.

Firstly, you can replace the entire induction fan and motor. Although this can sound daunting, Traeger Grills do supply the exact replacement parts — and they’re reasonably priced too!

Or, if you’re not confident in completing this maintenance yourself you can call any local grill repair shop and discuss it with them.

3. Traeger Auger Making Noise?

If you can hear distinct grinding, clicking, or clunking noises coming from your Traeger, it’s quite clear something’s not right.

For these types of sounds, the most common culprit is the auger, the curled steed rod that guides the pellets through to the fire pot.

Over extensive use, through physical damage, or even for seemingly random reasons your auger can actually become warped or misaligned.

When the motor twists the auger, any part that isn’t straight grinds and scrapes against the inside, leading to some pretty gnarly sounds.

This can range from a slow-clicking noise to a frequent grinding noise.

How To Fix It?

To get a good look at your Auger, you’ll first want to unplug your Traeger and completely empty your hopper.

Unscrew the digital display panel, followed the unscrewing your hopper to the side of your grill. Lifting the hopper up and away from the rest of the Traeger will expose your grills auger.

After removing the auger motor and motor bracket you will be able to easily pull out your auger. 

If it takes a bit of force to remove, or visually looks warped or misaligned, you’ve found your culprit!

For a full guide on replacing your auger check out the video below:

4. Traeger Squeaking Noises

Are you getting a little annoyed about those constant squeaking sounds you hear when you open and close the lid of your grill or your hopper?

Over time, the constant expanding and contracting of the metal as your Traeger heats and cools will naturally loosen the screws.

How To Fix It?

Luckily this ones an easy fix. Simple take the appropriately sized screw driver and tighten or loosen the hinges until it stops squeaking!

Quick Summary

Traegers aren’t designed to be silent. It’s completely normal for Traeger’s to make a range of sounds, from the whirring of the induction fan to the rotating of the auger.

But one thing is very clear. There are some noises that just don’t sound right!

Strange clicking noises can indicate problems with the induction fan, or in the auger.

Grinding, clunking, or squealing noises can be due to warping or misalignment of the auger. 

No matter the weird noise, you can always run a diagnosis on each part of your Traeger. If you’re truly stuck you can also reach out directly to Traeger Customer Service to ask questions or seek assistance in resolving the noise.

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