Top 5 Best Infrared Grills 2021

Grills are an essential part of any pitmasters arsenal. The biggest strength of a gas or charcoal grill is its high temperatures, and ability to deliver charcoal black sear marks across the food. Its weaknesses are ineffective heat distribution, known as hot or cold spots.

Infrared grills are designed to keep the strengths, the temperature of the grill, but eliminate the weaknesses, the uneven cooking that comes with the hot spots. Whether you’re looking for a reliable everyday grill, a grill for camping or even for inside use, we’ve highlighted the best infrared grills from all categories to make it a simpler choice.

Best Infrared Grill - Reviews


Cooking Space:Three Burner, 450 Square Inches
Cooking Grates: Porcelain Covered Grates
Overall: Best Infrared Gas Grill

  • Affordable price for a quality three burner infrared grill
  • Comes with a 10,000 BTU lidded side burner
  • The lid has a build in temperature gauge
  • Durable and strong with a full stainless steel frame and top
  • Difficult to clean the grates

What Matters The Most:

  • Comes with a 10,000 BTU lidded side burner for more space, or to prepare sides or sauces.
  • Temperature gauge built into the lid for easy heat monitoring and control.
  • Easy to start electronic ignition.
  • A very affordable Infrared everyday grill, considering it has 3 burners, 450 square inches of cooking space, and TRU-infrared design.
  • Large warming rack.


  • Verified buyers report that it’s hard to clean the grills and keep the meat from sticking. This grill does come with a nylon scrub instead of steel to protect the grates non-stick quality but it’s tough to keep it clean over the long run.


The reliable performance, large cooking space, make it the best infrared grill for small gatherings or larger families. Its durable stainless steel frame and hood will keep it protected against harsh weather conditions, leaving you with a quality grill for longer. Considering all of the essential features are high quality, and it comes with a side burner and warming tray, it’s great value for money.


Cooking Space: 112 Square Inches
Cooking Grates: Non-Stick Aluminium
Overall: Best Indoor Infrared Grill

  • Smoke-less design almost eliminates all smoke making it safer for indoor use
  • Easy clean up and dishwasher safe
  • Popular pick with over 1000 reviews on amazon
  • Can’t set grilling temperature, only heats up to 446°F. Great for searing steaks, but not for everything
  • Small space, harder to feed more than two

What Matters The Most:

  • Safe option for grilling inside, the smoke-less design almost eliminates all smoke. This is because the excess oils and juices fall to the underneath drip tray which remains cold, and therefore doesn’t produce smoke.
  • Although there is only a small space, If you’re just cooking for yourself or a small family, this grill will produce real and reliable results by infrared, leaving you with juicer meats than traditional indoor grills.
  • It only takes one minute to set it up, and states it only takes six minutes to heat up. Although, verified buyers do recommend to let it heat-up for ten.
  • Easy cleaning by either wiping down the grill, or putting it safely in the dishwasher.


  • Produces a bright light while cooking, not dangerous, but inconvenient.
  • It heats up to 446°F which is great for searing, but you cannot set higher or lower temperatures making it impossible to grill at other preferred temperatures.


If you’re looking for an indoor infrared grill this is the best at it’s price. The great smoke-less design makes it a safe-to-use option for indoor grilling. Although it has a humble 112 square inch cooking space, this is true infrared grilling indoors.


Cooking Space: Three Burner, 450 Square Inches
Cooking Grates: Porcelain Covered Grates
Overall: Best Electric Infrared Grill

  • Convenient size and weight for an apartment balcony, patio, or condo
  • Great 240 square inch space for a single heating unit
  • Easy temperature control with a single knob and lid-mounted temperature gauge
  • Takes a while to heat up to high temperatures
  • Difficult assembly instructions

What Matters The Most:

  • Great pick for apartments that require electric grills due to the size, weight, and the reliability of this unit.
  • Very conveniently sized and its side shelves fold down.
  • Simplest temperature control by using one knob, and the lid-mounted temperature gauge will tell you when it’s preheated and ready to go.


  • Takes a long time to heat up to high temperatures. If you want strong sear marks you will have to wait to start grilling!
  • Instructions are difficult, not enough clarification on which piece is which so it takes time to assemble.


This is the ideal pick for apartment balcony and patio use. The strength of the single electric heating unit can take a while to heat up, but will grill well and consistently once heated. Because of this it doesn’t stand up to the grilling strength of other gas or charcoal grills, but it’s fit for purpose: a great sized grill and electric infrared heating great for apartment or condo living.


Cooking Space: 200 Square Inches
Cooking Grates: Stainless Steel
Overall: Best Portable Infrared Grill

  • Popular pick, over 1000 reviews on amazon
  • Durable build, with sturdy, high-impact legs and carry handles
  • Designed for on-the-go use. Great for travel, camping, or picnics
  • Powerful heating
  • Hard to grill on lower heats & low heat control
  • Stainless steel grates require more attention to take care of them

What Matters The Most:

  • This grill is designed to be durable and portable. It’s easy to carry, and transport wherever you might need it.
  • It’s surprisingly powerful, being able to deliver high heat over the 200 square inches. Great for searing meat and vegetables, but harder to cook on low.
  • Reliably good reviews, with over 1000 on amazon, making it more trustworthy to deliver expected results.
  • Great price considering its features and build quality.


  • Even on the low setting the heat still rises to 400°F, a lot of verified buyers recommend installing a Bayou classic control adaptor so you have more control of the heating.
  • The stainless steel grates are harder to keep clean, and are most susceptible to rust and wear than porcelain enamelled, cast-iron grates.


This is a powerful and portable infrared grill. It has stainless steel grates which may be more susceptible to wear, but given its purpose is for portability and convenience when travelling, camping, or at picnics, and not for everyday use, it’s certainly great value for money. It’s also one of the better picks for fast preheating, and consistently high temperatures.


Cooking Space: 140 Square Inches
Cooking Grates: Stainless Steel
Overall: Best Tabletop Infrared Grill

  • Quick to heat up (3 minutes)
  • Very easy assembly
  • Great infrared technology for easy cooking
  • More expensive
  • Quite a bit smaller than others (such as the CharBroil Grill2Go)
  • Hard to clean near the burner

What Matters The Most:

  • This grill is designed for an easy and quick infrared grilling experience. Being able to heat up in three minutes, and keep consistently high temperatures is definitely its winning point.
  • It’s lightweight, portable, and is versatile. It’s designed for picnics, RVs, camping, boating, balconies & backyards.


  • Although this delivers fast and consistent heating, over time it is hard to keep the burners clean, and because it’s stainless steel it won’t keep as long as porcelain enamelled cast-iron.
  • It’s features are tweaked to be slight higher quality than the CharBroil Grill2Go, but its quite a bit more expensive.
  • Because it’s only  140 Square Inches, it’s really only suited to cook for two people maximum.


For the reliability in cooking temperatures and quick preheating timing, it’s quite a bit more expensive than the CharBroil Grill2Go. If cost isn’t an issue, and you don’t need a great amount of space, this grill will still be a better choice overall.

Benefits of Infrared Grills

  • Even Heat: Unlike standard charcoal and gas grills sometimes needing ceramic briquettes, infrared grills are built to provide even heating across the grilling surface for a quality and consistent grill.

  • Quick Preheat: Instead of waiting for the coals to burn, infrared grills can preheat to a high temperature in as little as 3-5 minutes!


  • Steakhouse Quality Sears: Infrared grills can reach, maintain, and control incredibly high heats, producing restaurant quality sear marks on your steaks.

    See the full guide on the best cuts of beef to use. 

  • Safety: Unlike dealing with flares from the open flames from a gas or charcoal grill, infrared grills almost never flare up from the grease and fat dripping from the meat.


  • Juicy Meats: Infrared heating doesn’t dry out meat like other grills can, meaning the steaks actually retain more of their natural juices resulting in more tender and juicy meats.

    Always refer to your steak doneness guide for the perfect cook, how YOU want it.

  • Energy Efficient: Infrared heating requires less energy input to reach and maintain higher heats, saving you money on gas or electricity!


  • Quick Clean Up: By raising the heat you are able to easily break down the food remains, making it easier to clean them off the grates once it’s cooled.

What To Consider: Choosing an Infrared Grill

Cooking Space

Think about the actual size of the cooking space on the grill. Make sure you consider what you are going to be grilling and how many people you want to feed. For reference, a 2 burner grill usually has about 300 square inches of space and can grill comfortably 10 sausages, 4 steaks, or eight burgers. If you are wanting to grill for the whole family, or when friends and family come to visit, you might want to look at 450 square inches or more.

Quality Grates & Build

If you want strong and reliable heating, you will want grates that can efficiently distribute heat, and be of a quality make. Although stainless can heat up effectively, it does not maintain heat quite as easily as cast-iron, particularly if its porcelain enamelled. Porcelain enamelled cast-iron grills are also more durable and offer more protection in the face of harsh weather. If you want a quality grill that will last, look into the material used to construct it from the grates to the cover.


You must ask yourself a simple question: what am I going to be using this grill for? Whether you’re looking for an everyday grill, a second grill for camping or one for inside use, we’ve highlighted the best from all categories. Look at what the grill is designed for and match it with your need!


Value for money is an important aspect to consider when choosing a grill. Especially if you’re on a budget, you want the best option at an affordable price. Before making any decisions, compare the cost with what features the grill comes with, like cooking space, grate material, size, and purpose, and make your decision accordingly.

Final Words

Infrared delivers the newest technology, but keeps the old tradition of grilling flavoured and succulent steaks and meats. These are the top 5 infrared grills, carefully and unbiased picked, with each leading its own category of purpose.  Overall, the Char-Broil Performance Tru-Infrared 3-Burner can’t be beaten on quality for the everyday grill, but we’ve gone the extra mile and selected the best infrared grill for indoor use, apartment balconies and small patios, and for portability. There is an infrared grill for any purpose!
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