How To Get More Smoke From Your Traeger

What pellet grills do extremely well is provide a consistent and reliable temperature, and great, real smokey flavor.

Traeger Grills have solidified their spot as one of the best pellet grills out there, but are often criticized and questioned about how much smoke they really produce.

Although Traeger’s produce thin blue smoke which is packed full of pure smokey flavor, it does often look underwhelming.

If you do want that extra oomph of smokiness, then there are a few easy things to adjust to get the most smoke from your Traeger.

For all those who have experience using other types of smokers, like charcoal or offset smokers, making the change to a Traeger can sometimes feel underwhelming.

Although you’ve got your Traeger up to temp, it can often look like there’s hardly any smoke coming out of it all, no matter the model from the smallest to the largest Traeger grills.

But, the reality is a Traeger is specifically designed to only produce clean, “blue” smoke – imparting the very best of the smoky flavors we love, without any unnecessary compounds.

This often gives the illusion that your Traeger is not smoking.

In saying that, we’ve got to be real for a second. When you’re smoking meat, one key focus IS that smoky flavor, right? Otherwise what’s the point!

Here’s what you can do to get more smoke from your Traeger

How Do I Get More Smoke From My Traeger?

What Do Traeger Grills Say?

As this was such a frequently asked question, Traeger Grills gave a response stating that although you may not see heavy smoke, it is there, and you can see the smoke ring and taste the results. 

Their recommendation was to try cooking for longer at lower temperatures. Although, this works well as you allow more time for the smoke to impart its flavors. This isn’t the only way you can get more smoke from your Traeger.

Four Ways To Get More Smoke From Your Traeger

1. Lower & Slower

One of the most effective ways you can get more smoke from a Traeger, or any pellet grill for that matter, is to dial down that temperature. This allows more smoke to be produced over the cook and more time for it to impart its flavors on the meat.

Although it sounds simple, keeping your Traeger between 225-250°F often does wonders for the smoky flavor.

After all, it’s within the first half of the smoke that the smokey flavor really imparts on the meat. Once the bark is properly formed the smoke doesn’t really add too much more flavor.

So, by keeping the temperature lower and extending the cook, you’re also extending the time the smoke can impart on the meat. 

Of course, this does mean you’ll be waiting a bit longer for your barbecue. So, if you don’t have that luxury, there are some other ways of adding more smoke to your Traeger without extending the cooking time.

2. Try Different Wood Pellets

Cheery & Hickory Traeger Pellets

There’s no debating that there are both GREAT quality wood pellets and not-so-great-quality wood pellets out there.

Some are known for their consistent and reliable burn quality, such as Traeger, but others pack more of a true smokey flavor, such as BBQr’s Delight.

It doesn’t hurt to try a different brand here and there so you get the feel for what works and what doesn’t.

But, I would always do a bit of research before trying a standard unknown brand you find at the local, as some wood pellets are known to crumble and dust too easily. This makes for an inconsistent temperature and smoke, and can even lead to troubles in the auger.

For more on wood pellets, check our guide for the best wood pellets for smoking.

3. Use Traeger Super Smoke Setting

If you’re equipped with the Traeger Timberline, Ironwood, or Silverton 810 models then you’ll notice you have a setting called super smoke.

Just to be clear, super smoke doesn’t actually produce more visible smoke at all.

Traeger super smoke mode actually pumps out increased, clean “blue” smoke by making use of their precision fan control.

It’s important to note that this setting only works for lower temperatures between 165-225°F, and by using this mode the temperature is much more likely to fluctuate.

If you have an older model of Traeger, like the Traeger Pro, you can still add a super smoke-like effect by simply dialing the temperature right down to 175-200°F.

4. Use A Pellet Tube Smoker

This Ones Awesome!

Similar to a wood smoking box, a pellet tube smoker can be filled with wood pellets, set alight, and used to provide additional smoke in your Traeger.

Pellet tube smokers are specially designed to gradually burn through wood pellets, adding constant smoke for up to 5 hours in some larger models. A quality pellet tube smoker will be made of stainless steel, is relatively inexpensive, and has good ventilation to keep the smoke consistent and prevent them from burning up too quickly.

Given that they burn low and slow, a smoke tube can be used for both hot and cold smoke.

Although it’s called a pellet tube smoker, this handy device can be used in any type of smoker, including a classic charcoal grill, or to get more smoke from an electric smoker too.

It can be used in any type of grill to add any smoky wood flavor you desire, from hickory and mesquite to more fruiter woods like cherry and apple. Fill it half full for a 2-hour smoke, and full for a 5-hour smoke.

Even though there are various models at various different price points, the fundamentals stay the same. You’ll find even the more affordable pellet tube smokers are durable and very effective at adding more smoke to your Traeger or pellet smoker.

Tips To Get More Smoke Flavor From Your Traeger

  • Don’t open the hood unless absolutely necessary, as you’ll be letting out all the smoke that’s circulating, and lowering the temperature which makes the smoke less consistent.
  • If you love a strong smokey flavor, try using a strong smoking wood such as hickory or mesquite.
  • Make sure the area around the hot rod is clear of dust, ash, and old pellets. You can even grab a slim-tipped vacuum and carefully vacuum that whole area to make sure nothing is getting in the way of a clean burn. 
  • If you are going for a longer smoke, such as with a brisket or pork butt, then you can try using a water pan in your pellet smoker, as the humidity and steam are said to help the smoke flavor impart into the meat.

Main Takeaways

There’s no doubt we’re all addicted to barbecue — so it’s only natural we want to maximize the smokiness of our glorious creations.

Although Traeger Grills do produce a decent smokiness through their clean, “blue” smoke, you can add more smoke to your Traeger by:

  • Keeping the temperature lower, between 225-250°F.
  • Using high-quality wood pellets.
  • Utilizing any Super Smoke settings.
  • Using a pellet tube smoker to add additional smoke to your Traeger.

As simple as that!

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  1. Thank you for the helpful tips! One other question I have is weather I should line my drip tray with tin foil? I have heard pro’s and con’s. I am a new owner (I am actually waiting on my Ironwood to arrive) and I am still learning! Thanks again!

    1. Hey Scott — Thanks for that.

      Personally, I do line my drip tray with tin foil. Honestly, without it, it’s a mission to clean — believe me. I would recommend trying it with it, I really haven’t seen any downsides.

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