Can You Store A Pellet Grill Outside? (Yes, But Only If…)

Pellet grills are known to be extremely robust, durable, and frankly quite heavy. So there’s many reasons to think it would be absolutely fine to store in a cover outside.

I mean, people will leave a gas grill or charcoal grill out on their patio or deck all the time, so why not a pellet grill, right?

In part this is entirely true, as storing a pellet grill outside can be completely fine as long as it’s in the right conditions. But, since pellet grills are a bit different from other grills, there are several things you’ll need to watch out for, and there is always an inherent risk to the grills’ durability. 

Here’s everything you need to know about storing pellet grills outside.

Can You Store A Pellet Grill Outside?

In short, yes. You can leave a pellet grill outdoors. However, the manner you store it needs to be quite specific so that you don’t cause unnecessary wear or rust. 

Plus, given pellet grills run on electricity, you don’t want any water getting through which could potentially damage the system. As such, you want to throw in a bit of common sense when it comes to keeping your pellet grill exposed to the elements outside. 

So, if you are keeping it outside, it’s essential to use a proper weatherproof cover, as opposed to a simple dust cover. Just as importantly, it’s absolutely necessary that your pellet grill is kept under some kind of roof, whether it’s a shed, patio, or your pellet grill is on your balcony.

If these conditions are not met, then you are simply putting your pellet grill at unnecessary risk of damage, and it’s not recommended to store it outside unless you’ve got a weatherproof cover and adequate protection from the rain, sun, and wind. 

Lastly, if you do store your pellet grill outside, it’s essential that you don’t store wood pellets in your hopper for longer than a week or so. This is because if they absorb too much moisture, then they will start to crumble or become soft, which messes with temperature consistency and can cause issues in the auger or firepot. 

So, always empty your pellet hopper, saving the unused pellets for next time. This also makes it easier to change flavor pellets too. This goes for any pellet grill, or vertical pellet smoker, from a Traeger Grill to Pit Boss Pellet Grills, To Z Grills, and Smoke Hollow, etc. 

Should You Keep A Pellet Grill Outside?

So, although you can keep a pellet grill or pellet smoker outside, if the conditions are right, is it really worth it in the end?

What we’re saying is that if you’ve spent a small fortune on a good pellet grill you might as well go to the best lengths you can to protect it – even if that means lugging it to a shed or garage after every use.

So, the only time you should keep your pellet grill outside is when you don’t have the option to store it inside practically. Although, you should always be using a weatherproof cover, and storing it in the safest and most sheltered place you’ve got.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave A Pellet Grill Outside Without A Cover

If you forked out a good amount of money to buy a prestigious pellet grill, you might as well pay that little bit more for a proper weatherproof cover to help keep its durability and performance quality.

There’s just too many reasons keeping your pellet grill outside without a cover is a bad idea, including:

  • You risk ruining the digital display and other electronic components of your pellet grill, as too much exposure to rain or moisture can cause annoying and expensive issues.


  • During winter months, or if you live somewhere with a humid climate, the pellets in the grill’s hopper tend to take up moisture from the atmosphere and swell, rendering them useless. They won’t smoke properly, produce even temperatures, and can cause backfires and other problems in the auger.


  • Such pellets can also damage the inside of the grill’s hopper due to the moisture they’re storing by causing rust or discoloration. Not to mention, getting swollen pellets out of the hopper can be tricky. This is true for every type of wood pellet for smoking, from Traeger pellets to Bear Mountain Wood Pellets.

  • Even if the grill is labeled leak-proof, moisture can get into gaps and crevices that may not be visible to you. This can cause hidden rust in your machine, which cuts its lifespan and is also a health hazard.


  • In hot months, the sun’s UV rays can damage the finish on your pellet grill, and even cause the paint to flake.


  • Also in summer and spring, insects -such as wasps and bees- can set up camp in your warm grill if you don’t inspect it regularly. In addition to bugs, critters and small animals -such as stray cats- roaming through the area may want to mark their territory by soiling the grill. With a cover on, cleaning a mess like that is a lot easier.


  • You’re going to have to vacuum your pellet grill before every single use due to the extra amount of dust and debris that will build up in the grill. 

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