Best Spray Bottle For BBQ – Time To Spritz

Spraying or spritzing your meat as it smokes is a necessary part of the process, stopping the exterior from getting too dry and chewy, and maximizes the smokiness.

I’ve been through a fair few BBQ spray bottles over my time — I’m talking 10-15+. Although you can make just about any spray bottle work, having one that’s reliable and sprays well makes the process so much better. 

You can lift, spritz, and close the hood efficiently which prevents unnecessary heat loss. Particularly important for your longer smokes, like brisket!

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular, and best BBQ spray bottles on the market.

Overall Best BBQ Spray Bottle

Accmor Exquisite Sprayer

Most Affordable BBQ Spray Bottle

Rocky Mountain Spray Bottle

High Quality BBQ Spray Bottle

Agri Pro Compression Sprayer

What to Look For In A BBQ Spray Bottle


Look for a spray bottle made from strong, durable materials like high-quality plastic, glass, or stainless steel. A cheap spray bottle won’t last your money’s worth — you need a high-quality sprayer that can spray quickly and reliably every time, and won’t degrade from temperature, sunlight, or the liquids you use like vinegar.

Does It Need To Be A Food Grade Spray Bottle?

Although most spray bottles can be used to some degree of success, it’s important to avoid using any spray bottles that have had chemicals or cleaning liquids in them at some point in time.

You should also make a conscious effort to only use food-grade spray bottles.

Although it’s generally safe to use other spritzers, using a food-grade spray bottle reduces any risk of toxicity.


The best spray bottle for BBQ will have an adjustable, open nozzle that can spray both thicker liquids like oil, but also thinner liquids like juice. 

If the nozzle is too tight, the bottle might get clogged.  Over a long smoking session, like when smoking brisket, or smoking pork butt, you want a BBQ spritzer you can trust. You don’t want any funny business creating or extending the stall.

Pressure And Trigger

When you search for a BBQ spray bottle, look for one with a pressurized trigger.

A pressurized trigger reloads automatically, eliminating the need to spray a few times until the liquid comes out. This just makes you well-prepared to spritz after lifting the hood, not wasting any time & keeping as much valuable heat in there as possible.

Top 5 Best BBQ Spray Bottles On The Market

Best Overall!

Accmor Exquisitely Stainless Steel Sprayer

  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Specially designed to handle liquids with different consistencies (from juice to vinegar to oil)
  • Fully adjustable nozzle
  • Can’t see the amount of liquid inside the bottle
  • Doesn’t reliably spray or mist oil

The Accmor Stainless Steel Sprayer is made from high-quality stainless steel that can handle any liquid needed for your spritzing desires, from oils to vinegar, to juices, to beer. It comes with a specially designed nozzle that can handle thicker liquids, such as oils. The adjustable nozzle also lets you choose from different spraying settings, from a mist to a solid spray to cover more area, letting you have all the control.

Unlike glass bottles, the Accmor sprayer won’t shatter if you drop it accidentally. Plus, when it’s time to cleaning you can simply rinse it out with soap and water and use it again.

Unfortunately, you can’t tell how much liquid is left in the bottle as it’s stainless steel, and if you were into spraying oil through the mist setting then you’re out of luck. Other than that, the Accmor is the perfect addition to your backyard barbecue arsenal.

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Best Value

Harris Professional Spray Bottle 32oz (3-Pack)

  • Powerful sprayer that can be used for extended periods of time
  • Comes with an elongated trigger for better grip
  • Comes with three sprayers, that’s one for the family and two for you.
  • Liquid can escape from the air vent near the top

The Harris Professional Spray Bottle has everything you need for a quick, efficient spray.  It’s got all the spray settings you need, able to use a wide range of liquids, and has a nice pressurized reloader for reliable sprays. 

Unlike most sprayers, the Harris bottle comes with an elongated trigger that gives you a better grip on the bottle. You’ll be able to spray more quickly and for longer periods of time. When you need to clean it out, simply rinse it out in the sink with soap and water.

The downside: if it’s upside-down, the liquid will spill out from the air vent. So be more careful when you use it after you’ve finished your six-pack.

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High Quality

Agri Pro Compression Sprayer

  • Easy to operate and features a convenient grip handle
  • Comes with an adjustable nozzle
  • Not necessary, but awesome
  • More expensive

There’s nothing else like the Agri Pro Compression Sprayer. Technically made for agricultural use, this works as one of the best spray bottles for barbecue. You may have seen the same design from How To Barbecue Right’s Big Orange Sprayer.

This unique sprayer features a wide bottom that keeps the bottle stable when you place it on any surface, a fully adjustable nozzle ranging from a powerful squirt to a fine mist. Instead of traditional spray bottles, which require you to keep your hand on the trigger, the Agri Pro comes with a comfortable handle and a convenient push-button. To cap it all off, the bottle is made from durable materials that can handle any liquids.

Although it feels great, you CAN get the same result from a normal, less expensive bottle. However, if you want to go the extra mile and feel like a beast then go Agri Pro.

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Most Affordable

Rocky Mountain Goods BBQ Spray Bottle

  • Compact size makes it easy to wash and store
  • Clear plastic shows you how much liquid is left
  • Very affordable
  • Less overall capacity

The Rocky Mountain BBQ Spray Bottle is compact, easy-to-use bottle is perfect for backyard barbecues. The clear plastic shows you how much liquid you have left while the adjustable nozzle lets you control the size of the spray. You can store this eight-ounce bottle easily, making it perfect for taking tailgating, camping, or anywhere really.

Like most bottles, the Rocky Mountain Goods spray bottle is easy to clean: simply wash it out in the sink with a mixture of soap and water. This bottle is also much less expensive than other brands, but higher quality than a cheaper plastic bottle you’d grab at the hardware store.

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Popular Pick

Sally's Organic Amber Glass Spray Bottles

  • Protects your liquids from UV rays
  • Made from heat-resistant glass
  • Glass could shatter if you drop the bottle

Sally’s Organic Glass Spray Bottles are made from amber glass that protects the liquid from UV rays. The glass is also more heat-resistant than other brands, making it the perfect choice for outdoor barbecues.

The only downside is that the glass could shatter if you drop this bottle.

Otherwise, it’s strong and sturdy and better for the environment than disposable plastic bottles. The nozzle comes with three different settings that let you choose how much liquid you want to spray on your meat. You can use juice, vinegar or olive oil–this sturdy glass bottle stands up to just about anything.

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What Does Spritzing Meat Do While Smoking?

By now you’ve probably heard of the benefits of spritzing meat while smoking. But, if you’re ever in doubt if it’s worth it, just remember, spritzing at the right times can help by adding:

  • Flavor: The flavor of the spritz, although subtle in most cases, can add to the overall flavor of the meat. 
  • Moisture: Not only will spritzing your meat help it stay moist, but providing a higher moisture on the surface will increase the absorption of the smokiness too.
  • Bark: So long as you don’t spritz too often, the added moisture and sugar from the spritz will help form a thicker, fuller, and more complete bark.

What Liquids Can You Use In A BBQ Spray Bottle/Spritzer?

I’m sure you’ll find some strange and frightening concoctions of spray or spritz liquid if you go searching hard enough.

But, to be honest, normally the simpler the better.

Water can be used to maximize moisture without adding additional flavors, apple juice can be used if you want a sweeter taste, or apple cider vinegar if you want a contrast in flavor and a more savory bark. 

But, you can also use stock or broth, beer, or even vinegar — or anything in between or a mix of any.

Just remember, don’t overdo it, it’s better to gradually add layers of flavor than soaking the meat and ruining the texture of the bark, and delaying the cooking process.

Depending on what you’re cooking you might want to try different liquids. What you spritz brisket with will be different from what you spritz fish or vegetables for example

How Often To Spray/Spritz Your Meat While Smoking?

There is a great debate about whether it’s necessary to spritz, what effect is has, how often and when you should do it.

To keep it simple, yes spritzing your meat does help it stay moist, but it plays a much bigger part than that. If you spritz right it well help you build layers of flavor on your meat, which is essential for barbecue. However, if you over-spritz you will ruin the bark and delay the cooking process.

To answer how often to spray or spritz your meat while smoking: Not more often than once per hour, and not more than a few times per smoke (depending on what your smoking). Since every smoker is different it’s best to play with a bit of trial and error and like everything in barbecue, learn from your mistakes. 

Quick Summary

It’s happened to me far too often when I start the smoking process only to find out my BBQ spray bottle is broken or malfunctioning.

For any barbecue aficionado, it’s vital to equip yourself with a reliable spritzer.

Believe me, you don’t realize it’s an issue until you misplace or break your spritzer!

The Accmor Stainless Steel Sprayer will cover all your spritzing needs.

Quality. Efficiency. Easy.

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