What Is The Best Indoor Smokeless Electric Grill in 2021?

In the cold winter months I used to brave the outdoors to grill up a storm for dinner. Mind you, i couldn’t do this often because it was usually freezing outside, but sometimes i had a craving i couldn’t resist.

Over the last ten years I have bought and used a fair few indoor grills, and have witnessed that newer technology can actually produce perfect sears from the comfort of your own kitchen, and without leaking smoke. But what is the best indoor smokeless electric grill? Well, it should be able to heat up quickly and to a high enough temperature for great searing. Cooking space, and temperature control are also important for easy comfort cooking. Here I’ve compiled the best five picks, based on my experience with indoor smokeless electric grills.

What Is The Best Indoor Smokeless Electric Grill?


Cooking Space: 118 Square Inches
Maximum Temperature: 450°F
Temperature Control: Adjustable Temperature Dial


  • Popular pick on amazon, with over 3200 reviews
  • Fully adjustable temperature control
  • See-through window for easy monitoring
  • Very affordable
  • Isn’t as durable as other options
  • Window hooded top not advised for dishwasher

What Matters The Most:

  • Truly a smokeless indoor electric grill. Some prefer to use it with the kitchen fan on but it’s not required.
  • Very affordable for the quality and performance this unit delivers.
  • Great drip pan catches and holds all the juices and is also completely removable for an easy clean-up. 
  • Completely adjustable temperature so you can sear steaks on high, but cook other items low and slow if desired.
  • Great size for a small family or group, can comfortably fit 3-4 steaks or chicken breasts without overcrowding. 
  • Grills like a champion and delivers a real sear.


  • Although it grills like a champion, it’s not as durable as other builds and although it may last for some, there have been reports of issues with temperature over time.


This is the number one pick for the best indoor smokeless electric grill because it bears all the qualities a smokeless indoor grill should have. It has a reliable ability to sear, easy temperature control options, great cleaning convenience, all at an affordable price while producing virtually no smoke. A great indoor smokeless electric grill for beginners and seasoned chefs alike. 


Cooking Space: 112 Square Inches
Maximum Temperature: 446°F
Temperature Control: No

  • The smoke-less design eliminates all smoke making it extremely safe and easy to use indoors
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Can’t set the temperature. It only heats up to 446°F which is great for searing steaks, but not for everything

What Matters The Most:

  • Infrared grills have many benefits and advantages over standard electric grills. These are things like even, consistent heating, and quick heat up. 
  • The smoke-less design almost eliminates all smoke, making it a great smokeless indoor grill. This is because the excess oils and juices fall underneath to the drip tray which remains cold, and therefore doesn’t produce smoke.
  • If you’re just cooking a small family or only a few people, this indoor smokeless grill will produce real and reliable results by infrared. This leaves you with juicer meats than traditional indoor grills.
  • It only takes one minute to set up and it claims only takes six minutes to heat up. Although, it’s recommended by verified buyers to let it heat-up for ten.
  • Easy to clean by either simply wiping it down or putting it safely in the dishwasher.


    • Produces a bright light under the grill while cooking. This isn’t dangerous but it’s slightly annoying.
    • It heats up to 446°F effectively which is great for searing food, but you can’t set it lower or higher than this, making it less versatile.


If you’re looking for quality smokeless design, this is it. It’s large enough for a small family, delivers consistently reliable sears and is extremely easy to maintain and keep clean. A very safe-to-use indoor smokeless grill that’s great value for the money.


Cooking Space: 100 Square Inches & 6-Quart Capacity
Maximum Temperature: 500°F
Temperature Control: Absolutely Full Control

  • Completely smoke free
  • Easy and simple to use for great results
  • Quality grate gets super hot for excellent sears
  • Can also air crisp, bake, roast, and dehydrate
  • More expensive
  • Less conventional grilling

What Matters The Most:

  • Very hot maximum temperature is great for grilling, leaving you with the blackened sear marks of flavour across the steak.
  • Completely smoke free as it cooks, making it very safe to use indoors.
  • Top quality non-stick ceramic-coated grill grates for better heat distribution and durability. The cooking pot is also non-stick ceramic-coated.
  • Very versatile,that goes beyond just grilling. Four other functions of air crisp, roast, bake, and dehydrate.
  • Easy to operate by choosing temperature, cooking style, and time. Most internal parts are also dishwasher safe.


  • Less suitable for those who just want a basic conventional and traditional grill. Although this produces incredible sears and quality meats, it’s not quite the same pleasure as physically handling the steaks as they cook. 
  • If you are just going to use the grilling feature, you may get better value for money from one of the other grills as this is more expensive.


Outstanding performance and quality build. Being able to heat to 500°F to deliver strong sears but without any smoke is remarkable, and definitely why this deserves this spot on the list. You will be getting your money’s worth in quality and flavour. The Ninja Foodi isn’t trying to replace the old traditional way of grilling, but it’s proof you can deliver the same result or better from an air based grill. However, if you are wanting to grill in a more traditional manner there may be better choices for you.


Cooking Space: 108 Square Inches
Maximum Temperature: 450°F
Temperature Control: Absolutely Full Control

  • Comes with both non-stick ceramic grill and griddle
  • Turbo-smoke extraction design for complete smokeless grilling.
  • Complete temperature control
  • Glass lid could be more robust
  • Slightly more heat in the centre than the sides

What Matters The Most:

  • You are able to grill 450°F on both grill and griddle. Griddles are great if you want to be able to use it for eggs, bacon, sausage or anything else that would usually be cooked on a frying pan. 
  • Designed with a smart smoke extraction system. The technology involves a smoke extracting fan which sucks the smoke into a water tray in the bottom. The water is able to absorb the smoke effectively.
  • Great digital temperature control that ranged from 220°F to  450°F
  • Quality non-stick ceramic grill & griddle is very durable, even when put through the dishwasher.


  • The glass lid has been described by verified reviewers as being less durable than expected. Therefore, it is not advisable to put the glass lid in the dishwasher, as hand washing will keep it more robust.
  • The middle of the grill naturally becomes slightly hotter than the sides. 
  • You have to remember to put some water in the tray before grilling, otherwise it won’t get rid of the smoke as effectively.


Definitely a reliable indoor smokeless grill boasting its intuitive smoke extraction system. The griddle is a unique edition, making it more versatile than other standard indoor grills. Being able to cook eggs, bacon, or pancakes in the morning, then clean it up easily by putting in the dishwasher. Definitely great value for money, for those looking for a bit more a quality indoor smokeless grill.


Cooking Space: 165 Square Inches
Maximum Temperature: 400°F
Temperature Control: Adjustable Temperature Dial

  • The grate is reversible, with a grill on one side, and the griddle on the other.
  • Very large cooking space
  • Very affordable
  • Can’t heat as high
  • Not dishwasher compatible

What Matters The Most:

  • Greatly affordable, especially considering you have both a grill and griddle in one.
  • Huge grilling space which can be heated up evenly to 400°F.
  • Verified buyers have reported that even with the lid off this unit doesn’t produce much smoke, making it very safe to use indoors.


  • Does not heat up as high as other indoor smokeless grills. This means it’s tougher to get great sear marks on meats.
  • Although the grate is non-stick which is easy to clean by hand, it isn’t dishwasher compatible.


A surprising affordable unit considering its size and features. It’s great having the option to flip the grill to a griddle, ideal for breakfast foods. Although this can still produce great sears at 400°F, it’s nice to have the option for a little higher heat if you really want a quality sear.

Indoor Smokeless Electric Grills: What To Look For

Cooking Space

The cooking space on indoor smokeless grills are usually just big enough for feeding a few people. Make sure you consider what you are going to be grilling and how many people you want to feed. For reference, an indoor grill with 100 square inches of space can grill comfortably 2 steaks, 3 chicken breasts, or 5 sausages. If you are wanting to grill for more than two people, it’s important to look for the larger options.

Maximum Temperature

Searing meat isn’t just about making it incredibly attractive. Although it certainly does make it more visually appetising, searing actually makes it taste better! You may have heard of the searing “locking in the flavour”. This refers to the sear caramelising the surface of the meat, which actually enhances the savoury “meat” flavour. This adds complex caramel and bitter flavours to the meat. 

The higher the temperature, the easier and more effectively you can sear meat. That’s why it’s important to look at how hot the grill can actually go. The best temperature to sear the steaks is between 450°F and 500°F.

Temperature Control

High heats are the only way to enhance flavour and cook foods. In fact, there are multiple foods that are actually more suited for lower temperature cooking. Most vegetables are best grilled between 350°F And 400°F. Depending on what you’re cooking you may want to adjust the temperature for the ideal grill. That’s why it’s important to have an indoor grill that’s temperature is easily controllable through settings or digital dials. Electric indoor smokeless grills don’t tend to have hot spots like some gas grills do, so there is no need for ceramic briquettes for grilling.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning is always a necessary process for taking care of any grill. The benefits of using an indoor grill is you can usually just wash the parts in the sink or even the dishwasher if it’s compatible. Indoor grills are usually also made with non-stick surfaces, making them easy to wipe down after use. 

If you’re cleaning up an old indoor grill, follow the same steps to remove rust from the grill grates and give it a proper clean.


Safety is always important when cooking anything indoors. When choosing an indoor grill, you want it to produce virtually no smoke, and have easy to control temperatures. If you are using an indoor grill, you may prefer putting the kitchen fan on or opening windows These smokeless indoor grills are designed to reduce the amount of smoke leaked, which is safer and more convenient.

Final Words

The number one pick for the best indoor smokeless electric grill is the Hamilton Beach. This is because it has all the necessary qualities a smokeless indoor grill should have. A reliable ability sear, high temperatures, easy temperature control options and great cleaning convenience. It’s impressive to deliver such high quality meats all while producing virtually no smoke. This can’t be beat on affordability. The best indoor smokeless grill for beginners and seasoned chefs alike.

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